• Phipps Plaza worker gets foot trapped in escalator


    ATLANTA - A man working on the sprinkler system at Phipps Plaza was hospitalized after his foot got stuck in an escalator, according to the Atlanta Fire Department.

    The incident happened at an escalator near the shopping center’s parking deck Thursday. The man and his partner were carrying a ladder when somehow it got wedged in the escalator, Atlanta fire Capt. Marian McDaniel said. She said the man’s foot then got stuck in the hole where the ladder slipped through.

    Channel 2’s Richard Elliot was there as firefighters responded to the accident. They used heavy equipment to get the man out shortly before 10 a.m., McDaniel said.

    "They use a process, which is called cribbing. (They) used cribbing blocks to create an opening and stabilize the opening enough (so) they could pull his foot out without causing any more damage to the affected area," McDaniel said.

    She said he was taken to Grady Hospital.

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