There's an urgent need for foster families in Georgia

There?€™s an urgent need for foster families in Georgia

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — There is an urgent need for more foster families in Georgia, especially for homes that can take brothers and sisters together.

Churches are now stepping in and a family is helping the cause.

The size of the math class at the Barlow’s home school in Paulding County expanded from one child to six.

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“We have six children,” said Nicole Barlow, one of the adopted parents to the kids. “One biological son who is 14 and five children that we adopted, ages, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11.”

The five youngest children are siblings. But, in many foster situations in Georgia now, brothers and sisters are split up, just to find them care.

The Division of Family and Children Services said it has thousands more foster children because of better reporting about abuse and neglect and an explosion in drug abuse “opioid orphans.” That is why there is an urgent need for parents who have room in their hearts and homes for more than one child.


Four Points Church in Acworth is where the Barlows found out about the need for foster parents through the Christian support group Faith Bridge.

“We love that we get to foster through our local church and have our church family kind of surround us in this process,” Barlow said.

In July, the Barlows decided to move from being foster parents to adoptive parents. They want all six children to know that the family pictures they take will last forever.

“We want our kids to know that they are loved and people care and that they are safe,” Barlow said.

“What they’ve been through may have been difficult and they don’t understand why they’re not with their biological parents, but God has a plan for their lives," said Bruce Barlow.

Visit to learn more about becoming a foster parent.  We are also available to chat with them on the website daily from 10AM – 2PM.  They can also complete an inquiry by calling the Foster Georgia Inquiry Line at  (877) 210-KIDS.