• Idea of armed teachers met with mixed reactions

    By: Lori Wilson


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - One week after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the idea of arming teachers to keep students safe is being talked about across the country.    

    Channel 2’s Lori Wilson spoke with school officials and students in Paulding County on Thursday.

    Many told her they want something to be done about what happened in Parkland and have started a petition for a system-wide walkout. They want gun laws changed and they're weighing in on arming teachers.

    “We're concerned it can happen anytime, any day,” Hiram High School student Tequan Boynes told Wilson. 

    But the idea of having teachers armed with guns in class is being met with mixed feelings.

    “It's like a 50/50 issue. Some teachers will be responsible with it but other teachers will lay it down and look away from it for a little bit too long,” Boynes said. 


    Another Hiram student, who didn't want to be identified, told Wilson she is for gun rights but against allowing those guns in schools.

    “I think putting guns in the classroom is something you should never have around,” the student said. 

    But a great-grandmother who only identified herself as Shirley said arming teachers can be a part of the solution.

    “I would be for it. It would make him think twice about his idea to shoot up the school,” Shirley told Wilson. 

    Boynes said he is hoping a different alternative might help. 

    He's hoping that like his fellow Georgia high schoolers in Gwinnett County, his classmates in Paulding County will walk out of school during a nationwide organized walkout day slated for March.

    Boynes told Wilson he hopes the walkout will be more than just time outside of class.

    “After the walkout, we want to use the rest of the days as a training for teachers and students,” Boynes said. 

    Training in case of an active shooter -- something that hasn't happened at his school.

    “So in the event that a shooter does come into the school we know exactly where to go, exactly where to get out in case an active shooter does come into the school,” Boynes said. 

    Wilson spoke with the Georgia School Boards Association and they say they have gotten several calls about a current law that says school employees can be armed in Georgia, mainly asking if any district has made a decision to begin training and arming their personnel. 

    They said, so far, no district has declared that's what they will do.

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