Grandmother says intruder put knife to her throat, threatened to kill her

Channel 2?€™s Lauren Pozen was in Paulding County Thursday, where the victim said her sense of security is gone.

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — A grandmother said her sense of security is gone after she was attacked in her own home by an intruder.

Paulding County deputies have released a sketch of the man the woman said put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

Channel 2's Lauren Pozen went to Paulding County Thursday to talk with the woman about the attack.

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Angie Vaughn said the day she was attacked started out like any other day, but what happened inside her home forever changed her.

“All I could think was my grandkids. I was not dying. I’ve got 10 grandkids,” Vaughn said. “When the knife was at my throat, I was froze (sic).”

Vaughn said the scary encounter happened two weeks ago when she got home.

“I did hear something, but I thought it was the dog, and he come up behind me with a knife to my neck,” Vaughn said.

There’s still a mark across her neck from where the knife was. She said the man got inside by smashing the back window with a rock.


“He grabbed me by the hair of my head, and I guess he put the knife down because he held me face-down on the floor by my hair and rummaged through my purse and got all my money, credit cards, medications,” she said.

Vaughn said he also cut her hair with the knife.

“He cut it up to my ear just on one side,” Vaughn said.

All of a sudden, she said she heard her son's work truck pull up in the driveway.

She said that's when the man punched her and then took off.

Vaughn wants her story to be a warning to women.

“I could have died and I don’t want the next woman or child to be hurt worse," Vaughn said. “I was under the assumption that it won’t happen to me and I know every one one of them are thinking the same. I had guns, my husband works third shift. We always make sure I could protect myself, but I couldn’t get to them.”

Deputies told Pozen they’ve got some leads but no arrests.

Vaughn said she has one thing she wants to say to her attacker: "I would ask him to try to get his life right. I don’t hate him. Something is wrong with him."

Vaughn told Pozen she thought about moving but said that would just mean her attacker won. Instead, she and her husband now have a security system with cameras and still want to call their Paulding County neighborhood home.