• Parts of jet plane wing fall on woman's house, Walmart parking lot

    By: Tony Thomas


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Federal authorities are investigating why pieces of a 747 cargo plane crashed into the woman's house Sunday afternoon.

    The woman lives on Newton Estate Drive in Clayton County, along a direct flight path to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

    Another piece of the plane landed at a Walmart on Anvil Block Road, just a couple of miles away.

    Channel 2's Tony Thomas watched as mechanics and inspectors canvassed the right wing of the plane Wednesday night, replacing the 20-foot section that ripped off.

    Homeowner Pamela Ware told Thomas she's thankful she survived after part of that wing hit her house.

    "And boom! I was like, 'Huh?' Actually, I hit the floor," Ware said. "If it had landed in here because that is just Sheetrock, it would have… oh boy, I wouldn't be no good."

    She showed Thomas pictures she took of the chunk that she said put two holes in her roof before bouncing into the yard.

    She took Thomas into the attic to see the splintered rafters and holes that were left behind.

    Ware was lucky in more ways than one. Authorities said a 20-foot section of the plane crashed into the parking lot in front of a Walmart. No one was hurt.

    Federal investigators told Thomas the 747 cargo plane coming from Anchorage was about 5 miles east of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when a piece of the right wing flap ripped off, breaking into at least two pieces and potentially damaging the aircraft body.

    The pilot declared an emergency and landed safely at the airport. Thomas was told by Boeing and China Airlines, inspectors are on site as the jet sits just off Hartsfield's runways.

    Ware has now spent several sleepless nights, wondering who's going to pay for her repairs and when the next piece might drop.

    "I just keep thinking of what could have happened," Ware said.

    Federal investigators now have taken those pieces of the wing flap as part of their investigation. Thomas tried reaching China Airlines several times Wednesday but received no answer.

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