Parents searching for daughter they say has been ‘brainwashed' by R. Kelly

ATLANTA — A family who claims singer R. Kelly is holding their daughter against her will says prosecutors have asked them for more information.

Channel 2's Mike Petchenik was in Johns Creek, where Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage spoke to the media about their daughter Joycelyn.

The Savages say that Joycelyn lived in Kelly's Johns Creek home with him. Their attorney, Gerald Griggs, said that after the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" aired, prosecutors in Fulton County contacted them for more information about whether crimes happened in the home.

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage said they haven't heard from their daughter for over two years since she dropped out of college to be with Kelly.

"This is a living death for us," Timothy Savage said. "We have, right now, no proof of life that my daughter is alive. No proof."

Jonjelyn Savage said Joycelyn met Kelly after her parents got her a singing audition with one of his associates. She was 19 at the time.

"She was a trusting person, a trusting girl," Jonjelyn Savage said.

"I regret the whole thing. Period. I regret the whole thing," Timothy Savage said.

He had strong words for Kelly.

"Mr. Kelly, if you're listening, you need to turn yourself in," Savage said. "Let these girls go so they can come home to see their families."

The Savages told their story to producers of the six-part documentary that details allegations that the singer has abused women for years, in some cases forcing them to live in his various homes.


The Savages said that, even though their daughter was at the age of consent when she met Kelly, they believe she's been brainwashing into staying with him and saying she's fine.

"We are here to seek justice," Timothy Savage said. "We are here to make sure we can bring our daughter home and get her the help that she needs."

The Savages say they are speaking out now to demand that the Fulton County defense attorney do a thorough investigation of Kelly.

"We want the Atlanta DA, Paul Howard, to do anything in his power to make sure that he investigates and does a thorough investigation," Timothy Savage said.

The district attorney's office isn't commenting.

But after the documentary gained national attention, Griggs said a senior member of the Fulton County District Attorney's Office reached out to the Savages.

"We have provided them with names and phone numbers of witnesses that we know have information about what happened at the Johns Creek home," Griggs said. "When somebody says they're held against their will and somebody else sees domestic assault or domestic battery and people being held against their will, I can see at least three crimes under the official code of Georgia."

Kelly is not facing criminal charges at this point. His attorneys have called the allegations "ridiculous."

Kelly's manager emailed Petchenik to say he had no comment.

The Savage family claims R. Kelly's associates have been threatening them for participating in the documentary. Henry County police have taken out felony warrants against one of those people and are looking at other charges for another one of Kelly's associates for making harassing comments.

Joycelyn's family hopes something comes of their speaking out.

"My gut feeling is that my daughter is somewhere, hiding in a corner, praying that we come help her," Timothy Savage said.