Parents give son pot to treat seizures, now face charges

TWIGGS COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia couple is facing charges after they gave their son marijuana to treat his seizures.

Matthew and Suzeanna Brills said they spent years looking for answers to their son's problems.

In February, they decided to let their 15-year-old son David try marijuana as a possible solution to his lifelong battle with seizures.

Since David's prescribed medications not working, stepfather Matthew Brills said he conducted online research led to the option of using pot. The drug started to limit David's seizures, according to the parents.

That decision now has their son in state custody and the Brills facing possible jail time. In April, the Brills were both charged with reckless conduct, a misdemeanor charge, when authorities found out about David's pot smoking.


The couple told Channel 2 Action News their son now lives in a group home after being taken away by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. They said David is not getting the care and the drug he desperately needs.

The parents told Channel 2 Action News David would smoke before and after school and right before bed.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services told us its No. 1 priority is the safety of children and ensuring their well-being.

The agency could not comment on the case specifically, but they told Channel 2 Action News that DFCS works with parents in cases such as this one to make sure the family can be restored as quickly as possible.