• Paralyzed prosecutor returns to work


    ATLANTA - A prosecutor who is paralyzed after being shot three times is doing something that seemed impossible a year and a half ago, going back to work.

    Assistant District Attorney April Ross was beaming as she returned to work at the Fulton County Courthouse. 

    "I got such a warm reception from security, all the way through, everyone's welcome back...let me know I'm home," Ross said. "So I'm safe and in good hands."

    Police say Ross' estranged husband shot her three times and killed himself in April 2014.

    Since the shooting, Channel 2 Action News has followed Ross' fight to get her life back through surgeries and rehabilitation.

    Ross told Channel 2's Linda Stouffer she feels driven to save other women through a focus on domestic violence cases.

    "I think we can start to make a different on the front end, before the event happens and change lives before they find themselves in a tragedy," said Ross.

    Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard wants to get new laws passed that would make it hard for people getting divorced to buy guns.

    "If there is a divorce proceeding, should the other person be allowed to purchase a gun without a judge approving that purchase?" Howard said.

    For now, doctors say Ross can be back to work two days a week.

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