• Owner grieving after dog shot by police


    ATLANTA - An Atlanta woman is grieving the death of her dog after police shot it while responding to an accidental 911 call.

    Kelley Rodriguez said her niece made the call by mistake. When officers knocked on the door, her pit bull mix "Jane" ran outside her home on Grant Terrace in southeast Atlanta.

    Police said the dog tried to jump on one officer and he shot it in the head.

    Rodriguez said her dog was not trying to attack the officer.

    “They shot her and then they were pointing the gun at my 14-week-old puppy. And I ran down in the yard to pick her up to take her upstairs to protect her,” Rodriguez said.

    Police said they shot the dog because the owner did not call the dog off of the officer.

    "She was running, but that's what she does. She runs to greet people. She wasn't malicious. She didn't bite him," Rodriguez said.

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