Out-of-control car flips into playground as children play (VIDEO)

Out-of-control car flips into daycare parking lot as kids play, witnesses say

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Parents and teachers were stunned when a car crashed into a daycare playground in Gwinnett County Tuesday morning.

It happened at the Kids R Kids Academy, just outside Georgia Gwinnett College. More than a dozen children were just feet away.

Daycare workers said the car went flying and busted up the curb, then flipped and landed in the playground.

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Sixteen children, parents and teachers were outside at the time of the crash, but were closer to the building.


"It just happened so fast, it happened extremely fast," mother Courtney Walker said.

Parents and teachers scrambled to find all the children, and other witnesses tried to help the driver. In a blink of an eye, the playground turned into a movie-worthy accident scene.

"We were just all screaming in fear and looking for the children," Walker said. "By the grace of God, we were OK."

Academy owner Tony Vanvalkenberg walked Channel 2 Action News through the damage. He was not there at the time, but rushed back to find all the hours of training his staff goes through paid off.

"The teachers quickly jumped into action and certainly proud of everything they did," Vanvalkenberg said.

Channel 2 Action News obtained bodycam video from Lawrenceville police. Officers said a 23-year-old woman who attends the Georgia Gwinnett College campus just across the street from the daycare was having a seizure when her car went off the road.

She was taken to a nearby hospital.

Walker said within a few minutes, her 1-year-old was smiling and playing again, eating cookies with the other kids.

"I don't want them on that playground anymore. Definitely not, it's too close to the street," Walker said.

The owners said necessary repairs will be made in short order to a damaged fence and the playground. Classes and care continued pretty much uninterrupted.