• Official: Problems with Obamacare website will be fixed soon

    By: Diana Davis


    ATLANTA - Problems with the Affordable Health Care Act website should be solved within just weeks, according to a member of the president's administration.

    Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack told Channel 2's Diana Davis critics should give the Affordable Health Care Act a chance to work.

    "We are obviously focused on fixing the Healthcare.com website. We've got a checklist. We've got process. By the end of November, we're gong to have a functioning website," he said.

    Vilsack made his remarks at the West End Family Health Care Center. Thirty-eight percent of the patients treated at the community clinic do not have health insurance. Vilsack said that should improve under the Affordable Health Care Act.

    "We're going to have more folks covered. We're going to have more folks paying less for their health insurance," said Vilsack said.

    Lucius Jones, 63, is self-employed and he was getting help from counselors at West End's health care facility to sign up for the health care act. He told Davis he has no insurance.

    "It does give me a glimmer of hope," he said.

    Monday, Georgia's Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, a vocal opponent of the Affordable Health Care Act, said he hopes the program implodes.

    "I've said all along that I don't think it would work so far. I've been proven to be right," said Hudgens.

    Davis asked Vilsack about Hudgens' remarks.

    "This ought not to be about trying to figure out how not to make this work. It ought to be about how to make it work better," Vilsack said.

    Jones hopes the plan will work. He said he's desperate for coverage. He has diabetes and hypertension. His wife is recovering from cancer. He dropped his insurance when the premiums got too high.

    "My insurance went up to $2,500 a month and I couldn't pay the health insurance and the house note," said Jones .

    Gov. Nathan Deal opted out of the federal Medicaid expansion.

    Approximately 600,000 people will fall through the cracks, even with the health care act.

    Vilasck said he hopes Georgia will have a change of heart.

    "I would urge Gov. Deal to think hard about the decision Democratic governors, Republican governors across the country, have seen the wisdom of embracing the medicaid expansion," Vilsack said.

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