Officer hits, kills man with car in southwest Atlanta

ATLANTA — Atlanta police say one of their officers hit a man Friday night in southwest Atlanta.

The incident happened shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Metropolitan Parkway near Fair Street.

Authorities identified as 62-year-old Bernard Moore.

Investigators say Moore was taken to Grady Memorial where he later died.

A witness said he saw the police officer in his vehicle “came down the street flying and that’s when ‘bam.’”

“Ridiculous. For real, ridiculous. I’ve never seen nothing like that a day in my life,” said another witness.

Investigators said the officer was not responding to a call or using lights and sirens.

Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach said police told him Moore was more than 100 feet from the closest intersection.

“The individual was not in a crosswalk and the officer was just on routine patrol,” said Atlanta police deputy chief Darryl Tolleson.

"This guy, he don't bother nobody, he clean up around here. He do what he have to do. I mean he called me his God sister," said a witness who knew the man.