Police: Officer attacked with Taser after dangerous suspect resists arrest

Police said they tried to arrest Mark Anthony Antunez, 20, on felony drug charges??when he resisted, fought the officers and grabbed an??officer's Taser.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police told Channel 2 Action News an injured officer was rushed to an emergency room after a "dangerous" suspect resisted arrest and grabbed a weapon from the officer's partner.

Police said they were trying to arrest Mark Anthony Antunez, 20, on felony drug charges when he resisted, fought the officers and grabbed an officer's Taser.

The fight happened Monday morning outside a home on Burbank Circle, according to police.

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According to an arrest warrant, “Antunez gained control of a Taser, discharged the weapon -- incapacitating the officer.”

The Taser hit the officer, identified as Quentin Hale, twice; once on the body and then once in the groin area, police said.

Channel 2's Cobb County bureau chief Chris Jose learned the officer is a father and a veteran of the Smyrna Police Department.


The alleged assault has neighbors concerned.

"We’re not safe again, if you’re going to attack the officer, what about me?" neighbor Edwin John said.

Jose knocked on the door where police said Antunez was before the incident happened, but no one answered.

Police said first responders rushed Hale to the hospital. He is now back home with his family.

A spokesman with the Smyrna Police Department said the alleged actions of Antunez made it dangerous for officers.

Police said Antunez didn’t reach for the officer’s gun but said anything was possible when he resisted arrest.

Antunez is facing several charges including obstruction and aggravated assault of an officer. He's at the Cobb County Jail with no bond.