• Occupy Atlanta looks to regroup

    By: Tony Thomas


    ATLANTA,None - Since being kicked out of Woodruff Park, members of Occupy Atlanta are trying to figure out what to do next. They are promising to take another big action soon.

    On Wednesday night, about 50 protesters marched around a now-closed Woodruff Park, chanting slogans at a dozen or so police officers who stood inside the park and watched.

    A smaller group then broke off and headed to the Peachtree/Pine Homeless shelter.

    About 100 protesters spent more than two hours in Centennial Olympic park Wednesday night, trying to come up with a plan on where to take the protest in the coming days.

    One man said, "I think that we need to be back at the park tonight to demand to be let back in."


    "I think that we should consider guerrilla occupations," another man said.

    At times, a police helicopter flew overhead, shining a massive spotlight on the crowd, but overall, police officers kept their distance.

    The calm came after police moved in on protesters camped out at Woodruff Park early Wednesday morning. More than 50 people were arrested and taken to the Atlanta City Jail. All have since bonded out on signature bonds.

    Many of the protesters believe the police action helped their cause.

    "Honestly, I think the mayor did damage to his own cause," said Occupy Atlanta spokeswoman Liliana Bakhtiari.

    While protestors weren't happy with the police action, Atlanta's Police Chief George Turner praised his officers in an email, writing, "We planned for the worst and prayed for the best. Our officers really did a great job last night."

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