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Teen who ‘disappeared' from Alpharetta party found dead in nearby lake

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A teen faces charges after a weekend house party where a high school student disappeared and ended up dead in a neighborhood lake.

Alpharetta police say they're interviewing a number of teens who were at a large house party with Chamberlain Ivey, 18, in the moments before he disappeared and later drowned.

"I have a male outside our residence. He just broke the window downstairs,” a neighbor in the Winward community in Alpharetta told a 911 operator early Sunday morning.

Moments later, Ray Rupured told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik the same man tried to break into his home.

Rupured said the man had cut himself badly on the glass.

"I think he took this bench and pushed it in," Rupured told Petchenik, showing him how


As Alpharetta police flooded the neighborhood looking for the would-be burglar, police spokesman George Gordon said they found a large house party on nearby Clipper Bay Drive.

"One of the party-goers was missing. It's our understanding people at this gathering had looked for him earlier and brought him back and then he ended up missing again," Gordon said.

Gordon said officers later found Ivey dead in a cove behind Rupured's home along Lake Winward.

"For whatever reason, he's the individual responsible who went to this original residence and attempted to kick the front door and that started that burglary call," Gordon said.

Gordon said detectives believe party-goers were taking illegal drugs.

They've charged one teen with maintaining a disorderly house.

In the meantime, Chamberlain's principal at Cambridge High School, Dr. Ed Spurka, told Petchenik the community is in mourning.

"He just had a magnetism about him. A friendly, loving guy," Spurka said.

Police told Petchenik they are interviewing a number of teens, many who went to Cambridge High School, about what happened at the home.

They say more charges are possible.