Roswell police officers in coin-flip video fired

ROSWELL, Ga. — Two police officers who flipped a coin to determine if a speeding driver would go to jail have been fired.

Channel 2 Action News has confirmed the two Roswell police officers who were caught on video flipping the coin were fired on Thursday morning.

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Officer Courtney Brown's body camera video shows that, when she stopped Sarah Webb for speeding past her, she gave Webb a tongue-lashing.

Brown: Stay in the car.

Webb: Sorry, my window doesn't work.

Brown: Officer Brown, Roswell Police Department. Do you know how fast you were just going, ma'am?

Webb: I'm so sorry. I'm late for work.

But when Brown consulted her colleague, she admitted to not having radar.

Officer Kristee Wilson assured Brown there were other ways to cite Webb for speeding.

“I was already having a bad day,” Webb said.

Brown and Wilson then let a coin flip app on Wilson's phone determine whether Webb would be arrested or cited. Webb eventually ended up behind bars.