• Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member appears in court

    By: Nicole Emmett


    NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member appeared in a north Fulton County courthouse Friday afternoon.

    Kenya Moore appeared in Sandy Springs and pleaded no contest to citations that she did not have permits to film during a house party.  

    Just last month, another cast member, Sherae Whitfield, was in court after neighbors complained of the large party she threw at her home with camera crews, spotlights and hundreds of cars.

    She was slapped with a $1,000 fine for failing to get the required permits for the big party.

    Moore, who lives in the same area of Sandy Springs as Whitfield, went before the judge for failing to get a permit to film at her home.

    “I understand you are giving up your presumption of innocence and right to call victims on your behalf?” The judge asked Moore. 

    “Yes ma’am,” Moore responded.

    The reality star pleaded no contest.

    “I accept your plea of no contest. You will be fined $1,000. And it looks like you're going to pay that today?” the judge asked Moore.

    “Yes,” Moore answered.

    After she paid the fine, Channel 2’s Tom Regan tried to get a comment from the reality star on the court proceeding, but she had another script in mind.

    “Doesn't 'my hair look great?” Moore asked Regan.

    “Your hair looks great, but what about the fine? Would you like to say anything to the neighbors? What do you think about the judge's decision?” Regan asked Moore.

    “Kenya Moore.com,” she replied to Regan.

    “You said that, would you like to say something else?” Regan asked Moore.

    “It will be in retail stores in January,” Moore said.

    The city of Sandy Springs has been a hot location for film and television shoots.

    A city official told Regan they welcome all productions, as long as the rights of neighbors are respected and they play by the rules.

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