North Fulton County

Patient goes into cardiac arrest after visitor injects man with unknown substance, police say

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — It sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie script, but an incident at Northside Hospital nearly killed a man after a police report says someone injected him with an unknown substance.

“I never even thought that that was something people did outside the movies,” local resident Kevin Maloney said.

Sandy Springs police told Channel 2's Michael Seiden what happened last Friday, was a real-life horror story.

Investigators said a visitor attacked a patient inside hospital on the 6th floor. The attacker used a syringe to inject the patient with an unknown pink substance, immediately causing the 50-year-old Brookhaven man to go into cardiac arrest.

A nurse called 911 after witnessing the disturbing scene.

The victim survived, but late Friday, investigators told Seiden that the visitor and his victim know each other. In fact, they live in the same Brookhaven apartment. Their relationship is unknown.

The incident leaves many questions about a possible motive and how the incident could happen with so many nurses and doctors around.


“That’s crazy. Security should be up,” local resident Guang Lu told Seiden.

“How does no one stop that?” Maloney said.

Officials with Northside Hospital confirmed to Seiden on Friday that they have launched an investigation into the incident.

The hospital sent Seiden a statement, saying:

“The safety and security of our patients are most important to us. It is our understanding that the suspect in question was the patient’s visitor. Upon discovering the incident, hospital staff immediately contacted Sandy Springs police, who are conducting an investigation. We are cooperating fully.”

Seiden stopped by the residence listed on the police report Friday night. A man answered the door. Seiden said he had bandages and hospital bracelets on his arm.

As soon as Seiden told him he was a reporter, the man told him that he had the wrong apartment.

It’s still unclear what kind of substance was in that syringe.

Although, police have named a suspect in the incident, no one is under arrest or facing any charges at this point.