10 cameras, possible bulletproof glass found during drug raid at 'vacant' home

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A usually quiet Sandy Springs neighborhood woke up Monday to a SWAT team raiding a home on their street they thought was vacant.

Neighbors told Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes they heard a loud buzzing sound coming from the home before the drug raid.

The SWAT team surrounded the home on Starlight Drive in Sandy Springs around 7 a.m. looking for drugs.

“I could hear this giant bang, bang, bam – like a lot of crashing sounds, the door getting kicked in – smoke grenades,” a young witness told Fernandes, with his parents’ permission.


Investigators say the Sandy Springs police narcotics unit served a drug warrant at the home and they can't release any more information at this time.

According to neighbors, the house has sat vacant since an elderly couple sold the property last year.

“We’re just very shocked ... it’s a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, so nothing like that really happens on a regular basis around here,” said a neighbor, asking not to be identified.

Fernandes learned that inside the home, investigators found about 10 security cameras and what appeared to be bulletproof glass installed in some of the doors and windows.

Some of them said they heard something that caught their attention recently -- “this buzzing noise going constantly for three days,” the young neighbor said.

They haven't heard it again since police left.

“It’s always important to keep an eye on things,” the neighbor said.

Neighbors told Fernandes they will be keeping a very close eye on the house until police release more information about the drug raid.