Muslim rights group wants judge removed from bench after making controversial comments

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A judge is stepping down from her job in a local city after being accused of making comments about a man's religion during a hearing.

Now, a Muslim rights group is demanding another local city part ways with the judge as well.

This week, Sandy Springs city leaders reappointed their municipal judges, and Sharon Dickson was not among them.

"I'm extremely, extremely happy,” said Fazail Azizan after learning the city of Sandy Springs had agreed to overturn a five-month jail sentence imposed by Dickson.

"This is what I was expecting from the American justice system," Azizan told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik.

Petchenik first reported about how police arrested Azizan, an Uber driver, for disorderly conduct last fall after a fender bender on Hammond Drive.

Azizan had gotten into an argument with an ambulance driver who wanted to take him to a hospital that didn't accept his insurance.

When Azizan interrupted Dickson during sentencing, she said, "I know where you came from. Women don't mean anything. You need to go to jail. You are despicable to me."


"I was attacked based on my religion, based on my nationality," Azizan said.

After our story aired, the city of Sandy Springs agreed to overturn Azizan’s sentence.

Last week, Dickson sent an email to the city’s mayor, asking him not to consider her for another term.

"I request that I be taken off the calendar for the remainder of the year. Again, thanks for the opportunity to serve," the email said.

"That makes me extremely happy that she won't be able to attack or verbally harass anybody else like me," Azizan said.

A Muslim rights group is now asking the city of Dunwoody to take Dickson off the bench as well.

Petchenik contacted city officials there, who said they have no current plans to ask Dickson to step down from her job.

Petchenik also tried to contact Dickson for a comment on this story, but he didn't hear back.