Murder of mother of 4 at bank started with fight over cellphone, detectives say

Murder of mother of four at bank started with fight over cellphone, detectives say

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A murder in a bank parking lot started with a fight over a cellphone and a possible affair, according to detectives.

Today in court, investigators gave new insight into the murder of Alpharetta mother of four Tynesha Evans, 45. Her estranged boyfriend, Othniel Inniss, 58, of Alpharetta, told police he doesn't remember pulling the trigger, a detective said.

Inniss was arrested last month after he allegedly fired the shot that killed Evans.

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The shooting happened at a Wells Fargo Bank on Main Street in Alpharetta.


We learned Inniss had also filed prior police reports on Evans in 2017 and as recently as February alleging harassment and taking his cellphone.

Alpharetta detective David Bochnika testified about his conversation with Inniss shortly after Inniss' arrest.

"He commented that he drew his gun in order to scare her into giving his phone back, in order to let him leave the parking lot," Bochnika said.

Inniss told police he met Evans to give her $380 towards her late rent but their meeting turned into an argument over an alleged affair. Inniss recorded it on his cellphone.

"She's accusing him of this other woman and he's asking her to move out of the way of his car. At one point he says in the video if she comes at him, he's gonna knock her out," Bochnika said. "At one point shortly after you hear Ms. Evans say, 'Shoot me, shoot me.' Upon which Mr. Inniss yells for her to give back his phone, shoots her and then yells for her to give back his phone."

Inniss is being held without bond. He'll be back in court next month.

We also told you last month, one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Tyler Perry called Evans' children. He offered to fly their mother's body back to her home state of Wisconsin to have a funeral there.

Perry also promised to take care of one daughter's college tuition. She's a freshman at Spelman College.

"She's the best thing I could ever have in my life," Evans' daughter, Shakemia Turner, told us.