Medical examiner releases report on Roswell teens

ROSWELL,Ga. — We want to warn you some of the details below are graphic. The information brings to light new questions about the suspect’s actions.

A new report is offering insight into one of the teenagers found shot to death behind a grocery store.

The autopsy report on Natalie Henderson, who was murdered along with her friend, Carter Davis, Aug. 1, was released Thursday morning. It helps to explain some of what happened behind the Roswell shopping center where police say Jeffrey Hazelwood shot the teens in the head.

Henderson was shot at close range, according to the report.

The autopsy indicates Henderson was found nude on the ground outside of her car behind the shopping center. It says Carter was on the ground as well. Henderson had a feather in her hair.

The report indicates she was possibly placed in a sexually explicit position and she had a possible burn mark on the top of her right big toe.


A local defense attorney not associated with the case took a look at the autopsy.

Kimberly Bandoh thought the killer wanted to make a statement.

"It was thoughtful. It was calculated. It was meticulous. It was like, 'I wanted these kids to be found and I wanted to humiliate her. Degrade her,'" Bandoh said.

Bandoh says like her it sounds like a case of power and rejection.

“Perhaps she rejected whoever this person was and he wanted to have the last say so. He or she wanted to have the last say so. You rejected me now look what I'm doing to you,” Bandoh said.

The Medical Examiner also released the autopsy report for Davis. The report says Carter was found wearing only shorts and had his arms extended out in a cross-like position. He was shot at medium range.

“It was an assassination,” Bandoh said. “It says something about the psyche of the person that did that.”

Both teens suffered minor burns and cuts to some of their toes.

Hazelwood faces murder charges. He will go before a judge Friday.