North Fulton County

Maserati towed from scene of FBI raid in upscale neighborhood

Neighbors in an upscale Sandy Springs neighborhood woke up to find FBI agents raiding a home along their street.

People who live in the neighborhood told Channel 2's Audrey Washington they weren't surprised at all of the evidence that was removed from the house.

Neighbors said the home always stuck out because they saw many strange people going in and out, day and night.

A gray Maserati was probably the most expensive, but definitely not the only thing the FBI took from the $700,000 home.

Neighbor Katherine McCormick told Washington she heard all the commotion.

“There were three really loud booms and we looked out the window and there were tons of police cars, FBI cars, agents,” McCormick said.


Around 8 a.m., a tip was called in to the Channel 2 Action News' assignment desk that something was going on at the home along Crestwicke Pointe.

Washington and her photographer headed to the neighborhood to see what was going on. They ended up being the only news crews to capture all the action.

Neighbors said they weren’t shocked to see law enforcement searching the home.

“All sorts of stuff was obviously going down, so we assumed it was this house because we’ve had trouble with it before,” McCormick said. “A lot of activity, people coming in and out.”

Most of the street stayed blocked off while the agents took pictures of items.

Washington called a contact who works for the FBI and told her agents conducted a court-authorized search warrant at the house.

That contact said the search warrant is in connection with an investigation out of the FBI’s Macon resident agency.

We are still working to learn more information about this case.