North Fulton County

Man hurls racial slurs during road rage incident, police say (Video)

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A man captured on cell phone video using racial slurs toward a teacher during a road rage dispute was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Eric DeKeyser, 49, began yelling slurs at a man after following him into a shopping center parking lot in Johns Creek on April 6, according to a police report. Officers arrested the man because the victim recorded the end of the outburst and showed it to police. The argument also took place in front of children in the shopping center, police said.

"It's shocking that it was so blatant," said Terrence Stover, who recorded the slurs being said at him. "It's wrong and it's hurtful."

Stover, a U.S. history teacher and football defensive line coach at South Gwinnett High School, says DeKeyzer was driving erratically and following too closely on Medlock Bridge Road. It was around 10 a.m. when Stover says DeKeyzer then began to first hurl racial slurs at him at a stoplight near Abbotts Bridge Road.


"He rolls his window down and he starts saying a lot of racial slurs and shooting me birds, middle finger and stuff like that," Stover said.

Stover says he pulled into a shopping center parking lot to get away from the driver, but told Johns Creek Police that the driver followed him.

"You called me a n***** for no reason," Stover is heard saying in the video.

"Yeah because I knew it would get a f***ing rise out of you because you're acting like one," DeKeyzer is heard saying in response in the video.

Stover and witnesses called Johns Creek Police and an officer reviewed the cell phone video. DeKeyzer was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the Alpharetta Jail before he was released.

Stover says he showed restraint during the altercation. He insists he did nothing to provoke the "barrage" of insults.

"I teach my kids not to fight unless you're defending yourself," said Stover. "I just pray people think before they do."