Police arrest man accused of stealing credit cards in several states for decades

Police arrest man accused stealing credit cards in several states for decades

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Joe Breedon doesn’t know how a credit card disappeared from of his wallet in October after a workout at a popular gym.

But he did know someone took it and used it to buy supplies at a Home Depot up the street in Johns Creek.

"My first reaction when I saw my credit card missing is 'OK, dummy, where did you leave your card?'" he told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik.

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Within hours, Johns Creek Police were able to pull surveillance images of the man using Breedon's card.

“My reaction when I realized my card had been used fraudulently was, it was honestly very aggravating,” he said.


Police have identified the suspect as Thomas Quinones, a man they say is a career criminal with a rap sheet dating back to 1979.

"As of today he’s been arrested 45 plus times throughout his life,” said Lt. Todd Hood.  “These arrests have been anywhere from California to Wisconsin to Minnesota to Georgia.”

Hood said Johns Creek Police have four warrants for Quinones arrest in two separate credit card thefts.

Police believe Quinones has been targeting victims working out at L.A. Fitness and Lifetime Fitness locations.

Quinones is currently in the Gwinnett County jail on similar charges.

“We’re hoping to combine some cases with some other jurisdictions and see what we can do with this moving forward,” Hood said, adding that his department is working with the Secret Service, hoping they can charge Quinones federally to stop the revolving door.

“He’s continuing to commit these crimes. These are all felonies and he has served times for these cases before,” he said.

Breedon says the theft was a nuisance for him.

“It’s an expense that all of us bear. These thefts aren’t victimless,” he said. “They get added into your credit card fees. If it’s a merchant, it gets added into the cost of everything we buy.”

Breedon said he’s hopeful justice is served.

“I’m glad to hear that he was arrested and I hope the criminal justice system puts together all of the cases that he’s perpetrated and that he gets the full extent of the law,” he said.