• Next time we get snow, a major district will close schools in a whole new way

    By: Christian Jennings


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Local school leaders are taking a new approach to severe weather.

    In the past, bad weather in one part of a county forced all schools to shut down, but that could soon change.

    Fulton County now plans to only close affected schools and have them do digital learning.

    With Fulton County being so big, it is not unheard of for weather conditions to be fine in one part of the county but too nasty for buses to roll in another part of the county.

    That is where weather zones come into play. This means one zone can close even when others do not. 

    School officials say this way, students will not have to miss out on time in the classroom if they do not have to.

    "The board has adopted a new policy that allows us to look at parts of the county, we call them weather zones, so we can make decisions closer to home,” Chief Operations Officer Patrick Burke said.   

    "We are able to divide services that support our schools," Burke said.  


    Fulton County will use digital learning days to supplement the closings. 

    “A digital learning day will utilize 60,000 devices that are in the hands of Fulton County students,” Burke said.

    Digital learning does not have to take place on a tool. Digital learning can be a communicated expectation that a parent and a child on a severe weather day can do something like a cooking activity and journal.

    Schools submitted those digital learning day plans to area superintendents for feedback. 

    They are working to develop a standard, so parents will know what to do with their kids during snow days to make this work. 

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