• Interrogation tapes show man confessing to killing teens behind grocery store

    By: Justin Wilfon


    NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Interrogation tapes reveal the moments the man who killed two Roswell teens confessed to the murders one year ago.

    In the days after the murders, 20-year-old Jeffrey Hazelwood admitted on to tape to killing Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis.

    Channel 2 Action News obtained the interrogation tapes and Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon watched the hours of video.


    Over the course of two days of questioning, Hazelwood, while often shaking and even crying, described what happened behind a grocery store last August when he took the lives of the rising high school seniors.

    “Where did the gun come from?” the investigator asked.

    “Grandparent’s house,” Hazelwood responded.

    Hazelwood said as the teens sat in a car behind the grocery store, he first watched them from the roof of the store.

    He said when he came down from the roof and approached the car, he encountered Davis first.

    “What did you say to him when he opened the door?” the investigator asked.

    “I said, ‘Get out right now,’” Hazelwood said.

    He shot Davis and Henderson in the car.

    Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson
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    Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of the murders. Henderson’s father said he is trying to cope.

    “You know, I’m kind of ambivalent about it, but now it’s about celebrating Natalie’s life,” he said.

    Henderson would have been a senior at Roswell High School when she was killed. Her family says she led the color guard in the school band and was a lifeguard for Swim Atlanta. She was also passionate about animals and volunteered as a rescue organization.

    Davis would have been a senior at River Ridge High School. He played on the school’s lacrosse team and his teammates called him a leader on and off the field.

    Hazelwood pleaded guilty and received two life sentences in prison without parole.

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