Hazing scandal rocks local HS; Several cheerleaders kicked off squad

ROSWELL, Ga. — Several members of the Centennial High School cheer program have been removed because of a hazing scandal.

According to a letter from Principal Anthony Newbold, the alleged hazing incident happened at the home of one of the cheerleaders.

“While it was not an event that was directly organized as part of our cheer program, it was an event designed by and for our varsity competition and sideline cheerleaders,” Newbold said in a letter to parents. “At that event, several acts of hazing were committed, all of varying degree.”

Newbold said he understands that removing girls from the team will be difficult, but hazing cannot be tolerated.


“I do not think these athletes acted with intent to harm, but intent is irrelevant with hazing,” he said.

Newbold finished the letter by saying he’d be happy to meet with parents or students on an individual or joint basis.

What exactly happened at the event where the hazing and bullying occurred? This is something Channel 2 Action News is working to find out.

Bradley Scomma told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik that he and his friends know the girls who were involved.

"I don't think they should have been kicked off," Scomma said. "They were initiating new freshman on varsity and they pushed a girl into a pool with her clothes on."

Other students told Petchenik that they think the school handled things the right way.

"I think they rightfully got kicked off the team," one student said.