North Fulton County

Fed up: Neighbors say they've been receiving wrong mail for years

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Some North Fulton County homeowners said they are fed up with postal problems in their neighborhoods. Neighbors in Johns Creek said the issues have persisted for months.

"It has never been as bad as it's been the last couple of months,” resident Laura Brown said.

"I've been having problems going on 15 years,” another resident said. "We don't know what we're getting, and what we're not getting.”

Channel 2's Mike Petchenik spoke with residents in different neighborhoods, and they share the same problem.

The neighbors said the problem originates with the post office branch on Webb Bridge Road in Alpharetta.

"I have gotten to know my neighbors because I get their mail and they get mine. We've become our own postal service, delivering each other's mail,” the resident said.

"I consistently get the mail for the neighbor who lives next door,” Brown said.


Brown contacted Channel 2 Action News because she said she's had enough of the mail mix-ups.

"Most of us have received mail that doesn't belong to us, so it makes us wonder where is our mail going?" Brown said.

Brown said in some cases, someone appears to be tampering with letters.

"People have complained numerous times about empty envelopes arriving, whether it be a birthday card, an anniversary card that have gift cards inside or a check,” Brown said.

The neighbors said they have a simple request.

"I would like them to look at the mail and sort it correctly and put it in the right mailbox," a resident said.

The post office sent Channel 2 Action News the following statement:

"The Postal Service recognizes timely and accurate deliveries are paramount to our customers and remain committed to providing the service they expect. We regularly check to identify and correct errant processes in our operations and, to that end, have recently adjusted routes to improve service."