North Fulton County

Drunk driving suspect hits 121 mph in a car full of booze, police say

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Alpharetta police say they charged a man who was driving more than 120 mph on Ga. 400 while drunk.

“One of our patrol officers was monitoring speed on Georgia 400 south,” said Sgt. Howard Miller.  “He could hear the sound of an engine revving coming from Windward Parkway onto the ramp.”

Miller told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik when the officer got behind Maurice Winsell, the Alabama man took off.

“The suspect vehicle passed behind our officer, continued on 400,” said Miller. “The officer was able to get another speed as he passed at 121 mph.”

Miller said Winsell refused to stop at first, and when he finally did, he refused to get out of his car, a 2016 Chevy Sonic.

“He told the officer, ‘No, the courts have said I don’t have to,’” said Miller. “The officer explained to him that he was wrong.”


Eventually, a second officer arrived and took Winsell to jail on DUI, reckless driving and open container charges.

An incident report Petchenik got a copy of shows officers found several open and empty cans of beer on the floorboard and a cup full of alcohol in the center console.

“We’re not gonna tolerate people driving that way in our city so let that be a lesson if you’re driving recklessly in our city we are gonna stop you and we are gonna take you to jail,” said Miller.

Drivers told Petchenik they’re glad police caught up with Winsell.

“He definitely needs to be locked up for a while man. You’re putting yourself in danger and putting other lives in danger as well,” said Armond Tolbert. “I’ve got a homeboy, he passed away from being hit by a drunk driver.”