• Couple using popular dating app to lure men, rob them, police say

    By: Liz Artz


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Police say a couple used a popular dating app to lure men and then, while posing as an Uber driver and customer, drugged them and then robbed them.

    Isiah Spearman told Channel 2’s Liz Artz he uses dating apps from time to time. He also admitted that, when he does, he always wonders if he's being set up.

    “I always have it in the back of my mind, question of, 'What if something dangerous happens to me?'" Spearman said.

    Police told Artz something dangerous did happen to a 53-year-old Sandy Springs man who used the app Meetup on Sept. 12.


    “Apparently he was drugged and passed out. When he woke up on the 13th, his vehicle, laptop and other items from apartment were missing," Sgt. Sam Worsham, of the Sandy Springs Police Department, said.

    He told police a wild story about a woman and a man he thought was her Uber driver. 

    “The suspect arrived in a white Mercedes-Benz. The driver appeared to be an Uber driver," Worsham said.

    Sandy Springs investigators say at some point during the date the man was given what could have been roofies. While he was knocked out, police say, Randy Schenck and Dominique Berry cleaned out his house, taking cellphones, computers, a safe and the victim's Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    “We believe there are additional victims that have been lured this way too," Worsham said.

    Police believe the couple might have pulled this crime off in Cobb and Dekalb counties, as well as in Louisiana, Sacramento and numerous other cities.

    “You can't trust everyone. Got to watch out for people. Never know lifestyle they lead," Spearman said.

    Sandy Springs police think there are dozens of other victims out there. They're asking anyone who believes they were victimized by the couple to call police right away.

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