North Fulton County

Cleaning lady called 911 after finding R Kelly's homes emptied

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A cleaning lady told police she was "freaked out" after finding R&B singer R. Kelly's Johns Creek mansion cleaned out.

The maid, who called 911 on Nov. 26, told dispatchers that she was hired to clean Kelly’s Old Homestead Trail mansion.

This home belonging to R Kelly was completely cleared out while the singer was on tour.

“I got to the house to clean the house as I do every two months and when I opened the door I didn’t see furniture,” she told police. “I kept walking through the door. There is no furniture, TVs. Somebody broke in and took everything from this house.”

The maid told police that the people who lived there were always gone and she was directed to clean the home by a secretary.

Johns Creek police said Alfonso Walker, a handyman and associate of Kelly, had access to both of his local homes and took advantage while Kelly was away on tour.


Police said Walker claimed Kelly owed him money, so to get back at him, he hired movers to remove everything from his homes, including furniture, furnishings and even a diamond-encrusted hoodie.

“Everything they could get into the truck that week they took,” Capt. Chris Byers told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik.

Alfonso Walker

Byers said Walker sold off each room and its contents for several thousand dollars apiece.

“Many televisions. Furnishings. We’re talking about couches, chairs, tables,” he said.

Walker’s charged with burglary and theft by deception, and police said charges would mount as other unsuspecting customers come forward.

One Snellville man who purchased items told Petchenik the situation has been a “nightmare” for him.

Neighbors told Petchenik Wednesday that they noticed moving trucks at the homes but assumed someone was moving out. They told Petchenik that they didn’t know Kelly even lived at either residence.

Petchenik reached out to a representative for Kelly, as well as his lawyer, but didn’t hear back Thursday.