Suspect dead after attempted robbery at Buckhead jewelry store

ATLANTA — A suspect was killed during an attempted robbery at a Buckhead jewelry store Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called to the Cachet Jewelry Story in the 2800 block of Piedmont Road NE around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

According to police, the owner said the suspect visited the store last week and said he was looking to spend about $70,000.

When the suspect came back on Wednesday, the owner was allegedly suspicious of his intentions.

According to a witness, the suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and told the owner to put all the jewels in a bag.

“When he had said, ‘Put everything in the bag,’ and then pulled the gun on him. He had his two sons with him. When the guy pointed the gun at his father, that’s when he took action, and the person was shot three times,” witness Mike Kashani said.

Police said the owner's son shot the suspect in the neck.

A man who owns a store next door said the suspect ran outside and then collapsed in front of his shop.

“When he had said, 'Put everything in the bag,' and then pulled the gun on him, he had his two sons with him," Kashani said.

The incident remains under investigation. The son is not expected to be charged in the shooting.