'My jaw hit the floor': Maintenance workers caught on camera threatening couple's pets

'My jaw hit the floor': Maintenance workers caught on camera threatening couple's pets

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A local couple say they were appalled after their hidden home surveillance camera captured apartment maintenance workers threatening their cat.

One of the renters told Channel 2's Justin Wilfon that the apartment company offered her thousands of dollars to keep quiet about it.

Candice Kostanos said she and her boyfriend called the maintenance men to find the source of a bad smell inside their apartment at the Chastain Heights apartment in Sandy Springs.

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Kostanos said the men who responded to the maintenance call did everything but fix the problem.

The couple showed Wilfon video from their security camera, which Kostanos said clearly shows four maintenance men doing things they shouldn’t have inside the couple’s apartment.

“We sat down and watched, and my jaw hit the floor,” Kostanos said.

Shortly into the video, the men’s conversation turns to the couple’s cats when one of the men seems to suggest throwing them in the pool.


“You ever see one of those f*****s hit water from five stories up?” one of the men is heard saying to another on the video.

“These are like our children, so that was unnerving,” Kostanos said.

Another man on the video brings up his knowledge of the couple’s safe.

“He has a big gun safe in here somewhere,” the man said.

The men can be seen going into the couple’s bedroom to look at the safe and can be heard discussing it, but while Kostanos said the men did move the safe, nothing was taken.

After the couple took the video of the January incident to management, the couple said managers gave them a $3,000 credit toward their rent. But in more recent weeks, management also asked them to sign an agreement, which would prevent the couple from talking to any TV news reporters.

“We looked over it and said absolutely not,” Kostanos told Wilfon.

Instead they hope their story serves as a warning to keep an eye on who you invite in your home.

“I felt completely violated,” Kostanos said.

The couple believes only one of those men was fired because of the incident.

Wilfon talked to the president of the Chastain Heights property management company.

He said he wouldn’t comment on our story.