NFL Draft 2021: Dates and times to watch on Channel 2, draft order, Falcons picks

CLEVELAND — The NFL Draft is here and Channel 2 Action News is your home for everything draft related.

All seven rounds will air live on Channel 2 starting Thursday with Round 1. Rounds 2 and 3 are set for Friday and the last four rounds will take place Saturday.

Here is what to know about the 2021 NFL Draft.

What days and times are the draft?

The first round of the draft begins at 8 p.m. Thursday followed by WSB Tonight. On Friday, the draft begins at 7 p.m. ET and on Saturday it starts at noon ET.

Channel 2 sports director Zach Klein and Channel 2′s Alison Mastrangelo will break down the biggest picks of the night on WSB Tonight following the first round.

What picks do the Atlanta Falcons have?

The Atlanta Falcons have picks No. 4, No. 35, No. 68, No. 108, No. 148, No. 182, No. 183, No. 187, No. 219.

The Falcons selected Florida tight end Kyle Pitts with their first pick of the draft. Pitts is arguably the most athletically gifted player in the draft and the tight end said he believes the Falcons are making a good investment in him.

What is the draft order for Thursday?

Round 1

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars- Trevor Lawrence, Cartersville High and Clemson University
  2. New York Jets- Zach Wilson, quarterback, BYU
  3. San Francisco 49ers (from Miami Dolphins via Houston Texans)- Trey Lance, quarterback, North Dakota State University
  4. Atlanta Falcons- Kyle Pitts, tight end, Florida
  5. Cincinnati Bengals- Ja’Marr Chase, wide receiver, LSU
  6. Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles) - Jaylen Waddle, wide receiver, Alabama
  7. Detroit Lions- Penei Sewell, offensive lineman, Oregon
  8. Carolina Panthers- Jaycee Horn, cornerback, South Carolina
  9. Denver Broncos- Patrick Surtain II, cornerback, Alabama
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (trade with Cowboys)- Devonta Smith, wide receiver, Alabama
  11. Chicago Bears (trade with Giants)- Justin Fields, Harrison High and Ohio State
  12. Dallas Cowboys (trade with Eagles) - Micah Parsons, linebacker, Penn State
  13. Los Angeles Chargers- Rashawn Slater, offensive tackle, Northwestern
  14. New York Jets (trade with Vikings)- Alijah Vera-Tucker, offensive guard, Southern California
  15. New England Patriots- Mac Jones, quarterback, Alabama
  16. Arizona Cardinals- Zaven Collins, linebacker, Tulsa
  17. Las Vegas Raiders- Alex Leatherwood, tackle, Alabama
  18. Miami Dolphins- Jaelan Phillips, defensive end, Miami
  19. Washington Football Team, Jamin Davis, linebacker, Kentucky
  20. New York Giants (trade with Bears)- Kadarius Toney, wide receiver, Florida
  21. Indianapolis Colts- Kwity Paye, defensive end, Michigan
  22. Tennessee Titans- Caleb Farley, cornerback, Virginia Tech
  23. New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)- Christian Darrisaw, offensive tackle, Virginia Tech
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers- Najee Harris, running back, Alabama
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Los Angeles Rams)- Travis Etienne, running back, Clemson
  26. Cleveland Browns- Greg Newsome II, cornerback, Northwestern
  27. Baltimore Ravens- Rashod Bateman, wide receiver, Minnesota
  28. New Orleans Saints- Payton Turner, defensive end, Houston
  29. Green Bay Packers- Eric Stokes, cornerback, Eastside High School and Georgia
  30. Buffalo Bills- Gregory Rousseau, defensive end, Miami
  31. Baltimore Ravens (from Kansas City Chiefs)- Jayson Oweh, linebacker, Penn State
  32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Joe Tyron, linebacker, Washington

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Round 2

33. Jacksonville Jaguars

34. New York Jets

35. Atlanta Falcons

36. Miami Dolphins (from Houston Texans)

37. Philadelphia Eagles

38. Cincinnati Bengals

39. Carolina Panthers

40. Denver Broncos

41. Detroit Lions

42. New York Giants

43. San Francisco 49ers

44. Dallas Cowboys

45. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Minnesota Vikings)

46. New England Patriots

47. Los Angeles Chargers

48. Las Vegas Raiders

49. Arizona Cardinals

50. Miami Dolphins

51. Washington Football Team

52. Chicago Bears

53. Tennessee Titans

54. Indianapolis Colts

55. Pittsburgh Steelers

56. Seattle Seahawks

57. Los Angeles Rams

58. Baltimore Ravens

59. Cleveland Browns

60. New Orleans Saints

61. Buffalo Bills

62. Green Bay Packers

63. Kansas City Chiefs

64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Round 3

65. Jacksonville Jaguars

66. New York Jets

67. Houston Texans

68. Atlanta Falcons

69. Cincinnati Bengals

70. Philadelphia Eagles

71. Denver Broncos

72. Detroit Lions

73. Carolina Panthers

74. Washington Football Team (from San Francisco 49ers)

75. Dallas Cowboys

76. New York Giants

77. Los Angeles Chargers

78. Minnesota Vikings

79. Las Vegas Raiders (from Arizona Cardinals)

80. Las Vegas Raiders

81. Miami Dolphins

82. Washington Football Team

83. Chicago Bears

84. Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis Colts)

85. Tennessee Titans

86. New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)

87. Pittsburgh Steelers

88. Los Angeles Rams

89. Cleveland Browns

90. Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens)

91. Cleveland Browns (from New Orleans Saints)

92. Green Bay Packers

93. Buffalo Bills

94. Kansas City Chiefs

95. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

96. New England Patriots*

97. Los Angeles Chargers*

98. New Orleans Saints*

99. Dallas Cowboys*

100. Tennessee Titans*

101. Detroit Lions (from Los Angeles Rams)*

102. San Francisco 49ers*

103. Los Angeles Rams*

104. Baltimore Ravens*

105. New Orleans Saints*

Round 4

106. Jacksonville Jaguars

107. New York Jets

108. Atlanta Falcons

109. Houston Texans

110. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles)

111. Cincinnati Bengals

112. Detroit Lions

113. Carolina Panthers

114. Denver Broncos

115. Dallas Cowboys

116. New York Giants

117. San Francisco 49ers

118. Los Angeles Chargers

119. Minnesota Vikings

120. New England Patriots

121. Las Vegas Raiders

122. New England Patriots (from Arizona Cardinals through Houston Texans)

123. Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins)

124. Washington Football Team

125. Minnesota Vikings (from Chicago Bears)

126. Tennessee Titans

127. Indianapolis Colts

128. Pittsburgh Steelers

129. Seattle Seahawks

130. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Los Angeles Rams)

131. Baltimore Ravens

132. Cleveland Browns

133. New Orleans Saints

134. Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo Bills)

135. Green Bay Packers

136. Kansas City Chiefs

137. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

138. Dallas Cowboys*

139. New England Patriots*

140. Pittsburgh Steelers*

141. Los Angeles Rams*

142. Green Bay Packers*

143. Minnesota Vikings*

144. Kansas City Chiefs*

Round 5

145. Jacksonville Jaguars

146. New York Jets

147. Houston Texans

148. Atlanta Falcons

149. Cincinnati Bengals

150. Philadelphia Eagles

151. Carolina Panthers

152. Denver Broncos

153. Detroit Lions

154. New York Jets (from New York Giants)

155. San Francisco 49ers

156. Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles via Dallas Cowboys)

157. Minnesota Vikings

158. Houston Texans (from New England Patriots)

159. Los Angeles Chargers

160. Arizona Cardinals

161. Buffalo Bills (from Las Vegas Raiders)

162. Las Vegas Raiders (from Miami Dolphins)

163. Washington Football Team

164. Chicago Bears

165. Indianapolis Colts

166. Tennessee Titans

167. Las Vegas Raiders (from Seattle Seahawks)

168. Minnesota Vikings (from Pittsburgh Steelers through Baltimore Ravens)

169. Cleveland Browns (from Los Angeles Rams)

170. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Cleveland Browns)

171. Baltimore Ravens

172. San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans Saints)

173. Green Bay Packers

174. Buffalo Bills

175. Kansas City Chiefs

176. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

177. New England Patriots*

178. Green Bay Packers*

179. Dallas Cowboys*

180. San Francisco 49ers*

181. Kansas City Chiefs*

182. Atlanta Falcons*

183. Atlanta Falcons*

184. Baltimore Ravens*

185. Los Angeles Chargers (from Jacksonville Jaguars through Tennessee Titans)

186. New York Jets

187. Atlanta Falcons

188. New England Patriots (from Houston Texans)

189. Philadelphia Eagles

190. Cincinnati Bengals

191. Denver Broncos

192. Dallas Cowboys (from Detroit Lions)

193. Carolina Panthers

194. San Francisco 49ers

195. Houston Texans (from Dallas Cowboys through New England Patriots)

196. New York Giants

197. New England Patriots

198. Los Angeles Chargers

199. Minnesota Vikings

200. Las Vegas Raiders

201. New York Giants (from Arizona Cardinals)

202. Cincinnati Bengals (from Miami Dolphins through Houston Texans)

203. Houston Texans (from Washington Football Team through Las Vegas Raiders and Miami Dolphins)

204. Chicago Bears

205. Tennessee Titans

206. Indianapolis Colts

207. Kansas City Chiefs (from Pittsburgh Steelers through Miami Dolphins)

208. Chicago Bears (from Seattle Seahawks through Miami Dolphins)

209. Los Angeles Rams

210. Baltimore Ravens

211. Cleveland Browns

212. Houston Texans (from New Orleans Saints)

213. Buffalo Bills

214. Green Bay Packers

215. Tennessee Titans (from Kansas City Chiefs)

216. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers*

218. New Orleans Saints*

219. Atlanta Falcons*

220. Green Bay Packers*

221. Chicago Bears*

222. Carolina Panthers*

223. Minnesota Vikings*

224. Philadelphia Eagles*

225. Philadelphia Eagles*

226. Carolina Panthers*

227. Dallas Cowboys*

228. Chicago Bears*

Round 7

229. New Orleans Saints (from Jacksonville Jaguars)

230. San Francisco 49ers (from New York Jets)

231. Miami Dolphins (from Houston Texans)

232. Tennessee Titans (from Atlanta Falcons through Miami Dolphins)

233. Houston Texans (from Cincinnati Bengals)

234. Philadelphia Eagles

235. Cincinnati Bengals (from Detroit Lions through Seattle Seahawks)

236. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina Panthers)

237. Denver Broncos

238. Dallas Cowboys

239. Denver Broncos (from New York Giants)

240. Philadelphia Eagles (from San Francisco 49ers)

241. Los Angeles Chargers

242. New England Patriots

243. Arizona Cardinals

244. Washington Football Team (from Las Vegas Raiders)

245. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Miami Dolphins)

246. Washington Football Team

247. Arizona Cardinals (from Chicago Bears through Las Vegas Raiders)

248. Indianapolis Colts

249. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tennessee Titans)

250. Seattle Seahawks

251. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Pittsburgh Steelers)

252. Los Angeles Rams

253. Denver Broncos (from Cleveland Browns)

254. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Baltimore Ravens)

255. New Orleans Saints

256. Green Bay Packers

257. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo Bills)

258. Miami Dolphins (from Kansas City Chiefs)

259. Tampa Bay Buccaneers