• New VA center director meets with lawmaker


    WASHINGTON, DC - In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 Action News, the new director of the embattled Atlanta VA center said it’s too early to talk about staff moves.

    Leslie Wiggins takes the reigns of the Atlanta VA Medical Center on Monday. The move comes one month after a Channel 2 investigation first obtained federal reports that blamed mismanagement by hospital leaders for three patient deaths and several others.

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  • Channel 2's Aaron Diamant tracked Wiggins down Friday on Capitol Hill. She was on her way to meet with Georgia Rep. David Scott. Diamant asked her what her plans are.

    “You know, my plans actually begin today, just now, having the opportunity to meet with Rep. Scott and opening those lines of communication. I'm ready to go," Wiggins said.

    When asked about potential staff changes, Wiggins said, “You know actually, it's too premature for me to say that. I haven't even landed there yet."

    Scott said she was more outspoken about the matter during their meeting.

    "You cannot say you're going to improve a situation like this without putting new people in to get the job. You can't let the same people, that was very important and she confirmed that she was going to do it," Scott said.

    Scott credited the Channel 2 investigation for bringing the problems at the VA center to light.

    "Without the series of reports that the news media and you all did, which was led by WSB Television, that's what spurred this action," he said.

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    New VA center director meets with lawmaker