New trends in virtual reality could be much more than fun and games

CES showing off new trends in virtual reality

LAS VEGAS — From cybershoes to full-body suits, there are some pretty cool new trends in virtual reality at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Channel 2 consumer adviser Clark Howard has seen some very cool technology this week, including new trends in virtual reality -- but it's much more than fun and games.

Virtual reality is a CES staple. While big names like Sony are showcasing more games for their VR systems, startups are looking to create a more immersive experience.

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“We came up with the idea because we thought the virtual space is limited by the space you have around you in reality,” Michael Bieglmayer, with Cybershoes, said.

Cybershoes is the world’s first VR shoe.

A roller on the bottom tracks the user’s movements while they are seated on a stool.


The company said users with diseases like multiple sclerosi have experienced better mobility after using the shoes.

It costs $299 to preorder the shoes. An antistatic rug and chair will be available for shipping later this year.

The Teslasuit is a popular item that can make you feel like you’re inside a video game, but creators hope it can help astronauts get to Mars.

The Teslasuit is a first of-its-kind, fully integrated, smart-clothing system that has it all. It’s a haptic feedback and motion-capturing system for virtual or augmented reality.

“We can train a person in a virtual environment, but we can also use the same suit for training in a real environment,” Dimitri Mikhalchuk, with Teslasuit, said.

Systems like heart and climate monitoring can help track and train everyone from first responders to astronauts on a mission to Mars.

“It can show us the stress levels, focus, fatigue levels and so on and so forth,” Mikhalchuk said.

The Teslasuit is not available to the public. They are marketing to companies, and they do not have a price point on an individual suit.