• Suspect's hoodie newest piece of evidence in deadly restaurant robbery

    By: Aaron Diamant


    ATLANTA - Investigators are releasing new information about the deadly robbery at a popular Atlanta restaurant earlier this month.

    It’s been nearly two weeks since Chelsea Beller was murdered inside Barcelona Wine Bar on Howell Mill Road in Northwest Atlanta, and the killers are still on the run.

    Beller, the manager at the restaurant, was shot after opening the safe for thieves Nov. 19.

    "No human being deserved what she faced at the murderer's hands," Atlanta City Councilman Ivory Lee Young said. 


    Police released pictures of a distinctive sweatshirt they say one of the suspects wore during the robbery. It is a black Swish brand number 88 neoprene hoodie. 

    Police said they found the sweatshirt and other evidence, including the abandoned getaway car, at an apartment complex off Westshire Place. 

    "We are relentlessly trying to solve this case," Atlanta police Maj. Adam Lee said.

    Police believe one of the suspects suffered severe cuts while scaling a fence. The blood, the sweatshirt and other evidence has been taken to the GBI lab for DNA testing. 

    "We want the family to know that we're not taking off. We're going to follow this throughout the Christmas holidays. Whatever it takes. We're going to get this case solved as soon as possible," Lee said.

    The reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to $20,000 and police tell Channel 2 Action News that tips are pouring in.

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