• Neighbor: Tree almost hit woman before crashing through complex


    ATLANTA - Rain sent a massive tree crashing onto an apartment building and smashing a truck nearby in midtown on Sunday afternoon.

    Channel 2's Shae Rozzi gathered details at the scene near 13th Street, where the road just reopened around 5 p.m. after being blocked all day.

    Power crews were contracted by Georgia Power to restore electricity after a tree sliced right through the building. Authorities said no one was living at the residence, but witnesses say there was still a close call for someone to get hurt.

    People out walking their dogs were caught off guard by the mess left behind.

    “At first we couldn't tell what it was. Someone was trying to park and we heard that sound and thought she was hitting the curb or something then it started crackling, it sounded like firecrackers and the tree just fell suddenly," Alan Bowen said.

    “It actually wasn't storming when it happened. It's just an older tree and the weight of it, it actually just snapped off at the ground. It didn't even pull up," Billy Connelley said.

    Two nights in a row of heavy rain appeared to be too much to keep the tree standing. It flattened a white pickup truck that was empty.

    Witnesses said the tree nearly hit a woman as she tried to park on the street.

    “When we started hearing the cracking, there was a lady trying to park right where this limb fell and right as she pulled up the tree hit, so it just barely missed her and she had a baby in the car," Bowen said.

    "Very scary," added Chris Lee, who also heard the noise.

    "(It was) a big loud crackling noise, next thing you know, I turned my head and the whole tree fell down,” said Lee, who considers himself “very lucky."

    People living in this part of midtown said this building was slated for demolition. The fallen tree is speeding up the process.

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