• Neighbors throw bricks, hammers at police cars over alleged brutality

    By: Amy Napier Viteri


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police are investigating a violent attack where bricks and hammers were thrown at police cruisers.

    The attack came just one day after neighbors shot cellphone video of what appears to show officers beating two people.

    Police said people demonstrating a neighborhood along Hardee Street in northeast Atlanta threw bricks and hammers at their cars as they passed through.

    Neighbors said it all stems from officers using excessive force after arresting someone in the neighborhood Monday night.

    Cellphone video shot by a neighbor shows several officers surrounding a man on the ground as one officer appears to hit him with his nightstick several times.

    "He was beating him in the face with the stick and they Maced all the children," said a neighbor who only identified himself as Raven.

    Neighbors told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri the officers beat Cory Hill and Nakia Jenkins and pepper-sprayed several others, including children.

    They said it started when officers arrested a man during a kickball game at the Edgewood Court Apartments Monday night.

    Hill and Jenkins questioned officers and witnesses said the officers threw them on the ground.

    "They didn't seem to have control of the situation and they seemed to be using violence to try to control it," said Marlon Kotz of the community group CopWatch.

    The group held a demonstration with neighbors protesting police brutality Tuesday evening.

    Two police patrols in the neighborhood said people boxed them in and showed Viteri the damage from where they threw bricks and hammers at their cars.

    "I'd be glad it happened. From the bottom of my heart, I'm happy it happened," said a man who identified himself only as Rick.

    Rick said Jenkins is his wife and shouldn't be in jail.

    "Do you think two wrongs make a right, though?" Viteri asked Rick.

    "No, no, it don't it really. Don't, but sometimes it's the law of life," Rick answered.

    "It had the potential of course to become very violent. It was inciteful," Deputy Police Chief Renee Propes of the Atlanta Police Department told Viteri.

    Atlanta police had their special enforcement unit and extra officers ready in case the situation escalated.

    It didn't and Propes said APD is looking into neighbor's concerns.

    "There's been no formal complaint, but based on the information you've provided us tonight, from your interviews down at the scene, we certainly will open an investigation into this," Propes told Viteri.

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    Neighbors throw bricks, hammers at police cars over alleged brutality