• Neighbors frustrated with how long storm cleanup is taking


    ATLANTA - Trees, power poles and power lines are still blocking some Atlanta streets and neighbors’ frustrations are growing.

    City officials told Channel 2’s Craig Lucie on Wednesday afternoon that they have crews in the area of Peachtree Battle Avenue working to restore power and remove trees.

    Neighbors told Lucie they haven’t showered for days and they want to know why, if the city is backlogged with clearing the roads, they can't have a third party tree-removal service to help.

    The situation is one of "utter frustration from our street and this area,” neighbor Jason Craig said.

    A giant white oak tree took down power lines and a power pole along Craig’s front yard.

    “Our whole street has been without power for (a) week,” Craig said.

    “I’m very frustrated. It’s Wednesday and we haven’t had any movement from Georgia Power or the city,” said a female neighbor, who did not give us her name.


    The lack of power means “just not washing clothes, dishes, running disposal,” neighbor Yvonne Wade said.

    In the northwest Atlanta neighborhood, tree-removal companies are coming by to help, but there’s only so much they can do.

    “The city should tap local resources companies like us,” said another neighbor, who did not identify himself. “It’s hard for us to get cleaned up in effective manner.”

    While Lucie was in the neighborhood, a crew from Alabama Power arrived.

    Lucie contacted the city of Atlanta to find out what their policy is about getting the power back on.

    In a statement, a representative from the City of Atlanta said, in part:

    “The city is working in close coordination with Georgia Power, and is presently waiting on Georgia Power to de-electrify power lines. They have brought on additional contractors to assist with this effort. And if a contractor has available capacity, to contact the city about establishing an emergency contract.”

    “They got a lot of trees. They can’t help it they are doing the best they can,” Wade said.

    “There are a lot of people without power and in our same situation doesn’t diminish situation of not being able to get the tree removed,” a female neighbor said.

    The city representative also told Lucie they are discovering trees that have not been reported. She said it’s very important that citizens report the downed trees so they can add those sites to their list.

    In preparation for the storm, she added, the city did bring in additional contractors and they are asking for patience.

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