Police: Naked man with cowboy hat broke into home

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Johns Creek police have charged a Decatur man for breaking into several homes, including one owned by a city councilwoman, while naked.

Ashdon Gibbs, 21, faces nearly a dozen charges stemming from the Monday spree.

Councilwoman Cori Davenport told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik she was upstairs Monday afternoon, her 17-year-old daughter in the kitchen, when Gibbs walked in the house.

“He was completely naked,” she said.  “He had a cowboy hat on.”

Davenport said her daughter screamed, and when she came to find out what was going on, she saw Gibbs streaking outside.

“You don’t know if he was a pervert, that kind of thing, or if he was just mentally off his rocker and looking for a place to shower,” she said.  “Once we realized we were safe and everything was fine, it was like:  “Really, of all the homes in Johns Creek you’re gonna walk into mine?’”

Johns Creek police told Petchenik they caught Gibbs up the street wearing clothes he’d stolen from Katy and Bob Johnson’s home.  The Johnsons said they came home to find police swarming in their front yard.  Police said Gibbs told them his parents owned the house.

“Because he claimed he was our child and that we had given him the house, they wanted us to go and look at him,” said Ms. Johnson.  “If he’s not 6 foot 5 and blonde, he’s not mine.”

Mr. Johnson said it appeared Gibbs threw a large concrete lawn ornament through a window, then made himself right at home.

“He sat in the chair,” he said.  “He likes the Braves, so he went and had a good time watching the Braves, drinking his beer.”

Police said Gibbs’ spree started earlier in the day when he flagged down a Good Samaritan and convinced him to help him get gas to fill up a pickup truck he’d stolen from Decatur earlier in the day.  When the man offered to fill up his car in exchange for doing some yard work, police said Gibbs agreed, but then fled into the Prestwick neighborhood across from Atlanta Athletic Club.

“No indication that I know of about why he chose it,” said Johns Creek Police Lieutenant Chris Byers.  “There’s no indication he was under the influence of any type of drugs, alcohol or anything of that type.”

Dash cam video of detectives interviewing Gibbs show him joking about the situation, admitting the truck theft and break-in.  Police also said it shows him lying about being in law enforcement.

“I am a Marshal,” he told a detective.  “I’m a U.S. Marshal.”

Davenport told Petchenik she’s thankful nobody got hurt and said there’s comedy in what happened.

“Hey, you know crazy.  Urban Cowboy in Johns Creek,” she said.  “Who would have thought?”