• Naked 'burglar' arrested after crawling through doggie door, police say


    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. - A naked man was arrested after police say he broke into a Cherokee County home through a doggie door.

    According to an incident report, Jarred Lemming, 28, was spotted climbing a neighbor's fence and entering the dog door at the back of the house.

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    The sheriff's office says when deputies arrived on the scene, Lemming was still inside the home.

    "They made entry into the residence with a K-9 unit, and they located a gentleman in the house. He was completely nude. Upon interviewing him, he said he was there to take a shower and wash his laundry and use Wi-Fi, stuff like that," Cherokee County Deputy Josh Watkins said.

    The deputies said Lemming claimed to have once lived in the home but moved out about a year ago. 

    The speedy response to the burglary call was the result of a new vehicle locator system installed in sheriff's patrol cars.

    "We're not running lights and sirens from one side of the county to the other when someone is actually closer," Cherokee County Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Wells said.

    The sheriff's officer say they automated vehicle locator system was installed in January and is already paying dividends.

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