Murder suspect, alleged gang member captured after woman recognizes tattoo

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The FBI has captured one of "Georgia's Most Wanted" after a woman called in a tip when she recognized the suspect's tattoo.

Agents picked up 25-year-old Antariouse Caldwell at a Clayton County motel Wednesday morning with the help from the Clayton County Sheriff's Department Fugitive Squad.

"One of the concerns we had, of course, when we did take him into custody (was) whether he would be armed and be willing to put up a fight, but he did not," said FBI specialist Kevin Rowson.

Investigators told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen that a woman spotted Caldwell's "No Mercy" tattoo on his neck. That led authorities to the South Side Inn in Jonesboro.

Pozen spoke with the motel's manager who said that the room where Caldwell was staying was booked under someone else's name weeks ago.


NewsChopper 2 flew over the scene as the agents and deputies searched the property.

Caldwell was part of the Gangster Disciples case back in May 2016. Channel 2 Action News was there when federal and local agents rounded up dozens of alleged gang members.

FBI agents almost arrested Caldwell last fall when they spotted him sitting in a car. But he saw them, too, and jumped out of the car and ran into the woods.

Detectives said Caldwell and other members terrorized DeKalb County for years.

"We indicted 32 members of Gangster Disciples and this was part of the continuing investigation. We indicted seven more in October. Six of those were in custody. He was the only one that was still out there," Rowson said.