• Mother says son may be tied to string of violent crimes

    By: Wendy Corona


    ATLANTA - The mother of a man accused of stabbing a woman during a botched robbery attempt said she knew it was her son and he may be responsible for more crimes.

    "It was disturbing for me to see him doing these women like this. I just really want to apologize to these women," said the mother of the man now in police custody for a rash of violent acts against women in the past weeks. She asked to not be identified.

    He was caught on Monday, when a woman he allegedly stabbed in a botched robbery attempt ran him over with her car.

    The mother said she believes her son is responsible for more crimes against women and felt a strong urge to do the right thing and turn him in.

    Looking over surveillance video in news clips she pointed out to Channel 2's Wendy Corona, "This was the point when I knew this was my son, when it came to this part of the video. I tell you I viewed that video all day, all night. I viewed it good."

    And when she was certain, the mother said she called Crime Stoppers.

    "As soon as we got that information we set up photographic lineups, we met with the victims, we followed up everything we could," said Lt. Jeff Catlin with the Atlanta Police Department.

    Atlanta police investigators still have one more victim to interview before they will release the suspect's name to the public.

    Meanwhile, the mother was left to do the only thing she felt she could do to stop the violence.

    "Should I call? Should I not? If I don't call somebody (they) will end up killing him or he's going to end up killing somebody, so I said the best thing for me to do was to call. It was the only thing I thought that would help," the mother said.

    It was the hardest call she's ever had to make, but one her Bible guided her toward, she said.

    "It hurt me. I don't know how people would've looked at me or how they would've felt with me turning my son in, but I knew it was the right thing," she said.

    Embarrassing and amazing are words she uttered under her breath while looking at her son in surveillance video.

    "Wow, this is my son beating these ladies down like he don't have a mother, he don't have sisters. Wrong is wrong. Right is right. I don't harbor my kids wrong," the mother said.

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    Mother says son may be tied to string of violent crimes