Mother of teen left with broken skull after high school fight says no one called 911

BARROW COUNTY, Ga. — Days after a Barrow County student was airlifted to an Atlanta hospital after a violent fight at school, her mother is speaking to Channel 2 Action News about the incident.

Channel 2's Christian Jennings is in Barrow County, where she talked to Chrisalena Pringle, mother of 17-year-old Iris Narens. Pringle reached out the Jennings and wanted to share her daughter's story.

Disturbing cellphone video caught the confrontation between Narens and another student at Winder-Barrow High School last week.

In the video, the other student (whom we are not identifying) slams Narens' head against the wall before the teen slumps on the ground.

Pringle said that the fight started in Narens' classroom when her daughter corrected another girl's math problem and that girl called Narens a name. The back-and-forth continued in the hallway and then turned physical.

Pringle told Jennings that when she arrived at the school after the fight, she thought she might lose her daughter.

"When I first saw Iris, 'I really pray my daughter does not die on me' was my first thought," Pringle told Jennings. "She couldn't walk. She couldn't really talk. Her eyes were fluttering."


Pringle rushed her daughter from school to a hospital in Winder. Doctors there determined she needed to be flown to an Atlanta hospital because she had a fractured skull and other serious injuries.

"They should have called 911," Pringle said. "She shouldn't have been moved the way she was. Another thing is, she shouldn't get in any trouble any which way or form."

Narens is now recovering at home.

Pringle said now, Narens is suspended and isn't allowed to return to school until Wednesday.

Pringle wants the other girl in the video to face criminal charges.

"If you do these things, pay the consequences," Pringle said.

The video was circulated on social media and prompted several concerned parents to contact Channel 2 Action News. 

Pringle said that watching it makes her feel sick.

The Barrow County Sheriff's Office and the school system are investigating.