• Kayakers find young mother's body under bridge

    By: Chris Jose


    NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - Newton County deputies are investigating the mysterious death of a mother of two.

    Kelly Marshall’s body was found Saturday by kayakers under a bridge along the Yellow River.

    Kelly Marshall's body was found under a bridge along the Yellow River.
    Kelly Marshall's body was found under a bridge along the Yellow River.
    WSB-TV/ Handout from family

    “I couldn’t believe it,” Marshall’s stepfather, Joseph Rayson, said. “She had no pocketbook. She had no phone. She had nothing and that is not Kelly at all.”

    The 27-year-old’s family said she was last seen by her boyfriend, who usually hangs out in the area where she was found. His nickname is spray-painted on the bridge.

    Investigators have not called him a suspect or a person of interest and say they don’t know how she died.

    “We don't know whether it was a homicide or accidental or natural,” said Cortney Morrison with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

    Rayson said Marshall was with her boyfriend on Friday night into the wee hours of Saturday morning, but he isn't accused of a crime.

    “For this to happen to her is a tragedy. It really is. Somebody knows something,” Rayson said.


    At this point in the investigation the Sheriff's Office is looking at all leads.

    “They will be speaking to everyone involved in her circle, including anyone who was last seen with her,” Morrison said.

    Marshall had two young children and lived just a few miles away from the Yellow River.

    Rayson says his family is working with investigators to solve the mysterious death.

    “It’s kind of odd to me how she got there without her stuff,” he said. “We need some kind of closure. We need some kind of justice to be served.”

    He says, as far as he knows, there was no trauma to the body.

    Marshall's boyfriend is currently at the Walton County Jail on charges related to a police chase over the weekend.

    Investigators said they're waiting on her autopsy results from the GBI so they know which direction to go.

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