Mother fed up with flooding that she says causes hazard for young son

A Bartow County mother says every time it rains, her yard floods so bad that her son can?€™t even walk home from the bus stop.??

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. — A Bartow County mother says every time it rains, her yard floods so bad that her son can’t even walk home from the bus stop.

Ashley Griffith gave cellphone video to Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman showing the massive amount of water that ends up in her yard on Womack Drive.

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Griffith said it happens often and is dangerous for her son.

“It could even come and rush him and sweep him off his feet and he could drown before he could get to the open part where it’s not flooded anymore,” Griffith said.


Her neighbor Barbara Cox has lived in the house next door for 17 years

She told me her sick husband's home nurses have had to turn around because of flooding.

"They cannot get to him," she said.

Both these ladies say they cant get any help from the county.

"It's always just passing the buck and enough is enough like someones going to get hurt are they going to fix it then," she said.

Hyman got through to the Bartow County administrator who said the issue isn't so simple.

He said that the area was developed long before there were accurate flood map studies and regulations, and some of the area is in the floodplain.

He said the challenge is figuring out how to fix it without shifting the harm to someone else.

"If they come out here and they look at it and I see them out here and they're looking at iti might feel different," Griffith said.

The county administrator said that the county would take another look at the issue and see if there are any feasible solutions.