Mother comes face-to-face with burglar in kitchen

ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell police are investigating a rash of bold apartment break-ins and in some cases the residents were home when the burglars came crashing in.
Channel 2's Carl Wills talked with one victim who says she came face to face with a burglar.
Police records show burglars smashed their way into at least five apartments in a matter of two hours.
Going from unit to unit in the Aspen Pointe Apartments in Roswell with little concern that there might be families at home.
The break-ins happened in the overnight hours of Nov. 27.
Vanessa Williams told Willis she was watching a movie with her little girl when she heard a burglar smash in through the kitchen window.
"I peeked around the corner because I was hearing glass shattering in the kitchen," Williams said. "Someone was standing right there at the door."
Williams said she was face to face with him.
"When they saw me. I guess they were scared we were going to call the cops or something," Williams said. "The guy saw me and took a left."
Williams told Willis the robber was startled enough to leave but apparently not enough to stop the crime spree.
Police reports show that burglars struck again about 30 minutes later at an apartment building a few steps away, waking a woman who was asleep inside.
The residents there told Willis they also had to scare the man away. They're concerned that the next encounter might not end the same.
"It's just crazy. Why would someone want to break into a home when someone's there?  It doesn't matter if the lights are off. It doesn't make sense," Williams said.
Police arrested a man during a burglary in progress not far from the apartments. That suspect bit the officer.
Police are working to find out if these break-ins are related.