• Mother of boy who drowned in Allatoona Lake speaks out

    By: Liz Artz


    JONESBORO, Ga. - The family of a 6-year-old boy who drowned in Allatoona Lake last weekend is preparing to bury their loved one.

    Corday Duffy’s family held a viewing Friday and his funeral will be held Saturday. The boy’s mother, Corinna Duffy, told Channel 2’s Liz Artz she can’t believe her chubby-cheeked little boy is gone.

    “I just wish I could hold him one more time. Just one more time,” Duffy said.

    Corday drowned in Allatoona Lake during a Father's Day weekend camping trip with his aunt, uncle and cousins, Duffy said. The child's disappearance from the family's Sweetwater campsite sparked a seven-hour manhunt that ended tragically Sunday.

    Duffy said she rarely let Corday go anywhere without her.

    “I let him go with somebody. He'll be back any minute,” she said. “He's not coming back and it’s hard to accept."

    Duffy said she had to work the weekend of the camping trip and let Corday go with her sister in-law. She said her sister-in-law expected Duffy to have hatred towards her after his tragic death.

    “She’s overcome with grief as well because she feels responsible," Duffy said.

    Duffy said she does not blame her sister-in-law, but admitted she has felt every emotion possible since her son’s passing. Corday’s death came on the heels of Duffy's 15-year-old special needs son needing medical treatment and a rough spot for her financially, she said. Duffy tearfully told Artz she cannot afford a headstone for Corday.

    Duffy said Corday was a soft-hearted boy and described the headstone she has envisioned for him.

    "I know he would want some hearts somewhere and I can see butterflies," she said.

    Corday's school has worked to raise money for a headstone. They have set up a memorial fund at Wells Fargo and made an account on GoFundMe.com in hopes of raising $10,000 for the family.

    Corday’s mother is left raising five children, one whom has special needs.

     “I miss his little chubby cheeks, those soft pink lips. I miss kissing him and loving him,” she said.

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